Knowing my place on earth, knowing why I'm here and where I'm going - sounds like a recipe for happiness!

So I'm a happy person - searching for words, ways, methods to help us better understand ourselves, others and the world around us, is my passion. I'm not satisfied with simple answers and I'm not afraid to ask, to listen and when necessary to change.

Faith is the foundation of my life, but not the church one, but one that allows me to wander, to doubt, to seek, to enjoy, to be myself, because only then can I grow.

This site is an invitation to meet me as, first and foremost, an author of books, but more than anything, a person like any of us. If what I talk about arouses your interest, I invite you to contact me..


I write because I am in awe of God. I have a tremendous desire within me to share what I myself discover and experience in my relationship with Him.

(Un)safe Christ

Why was Jesus crucified?
How did his enemies and opponents see Him?
Co myśleli ci, którzy wydali na niego wyrok śmierci?
Who was Jesus to them?
What threat did they see in Him?

In my latest book, a novel, I try to answer these questions and show that Jesus never wanted to be a religious leader. He came to change the world, the whole world in every area of it.

Wybaczyć Bogu

I wrote this book after my wife died, although I had no intention of writing a book about myself. My children helped me in writing it. My main motivation was to search for answers to what it means to FORGIVE. After losing my wife, I resented God and many people encouraged me to forgive, but when I asked what to do, none of the answers satisfied me. After writing it, I had hundreds of meetings at home and abroad, and I know that forgiveness - while so necessary - is difficult. Have I come to grips with the answer to the question: what is forgiveness? I invite you to read.

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Angry with God

After writing the first book, many people said that there should be a part two. I didn't get around to writing it for the Polish edition, but my American publisher persuaded me and a new book was written, but only in English. In addition to the story of forgiveness, it answers questions about how to deal with loss and what steps to take to live in forgiveness. Yes, to live in forgiveness, which, although it requires a conscious decision, is usually the state in which we live and function.

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God asks?!

I wrote this book after a conversation with a friend, but mostly in dialogue to one of the ideas that comes up from time to time, especially in the world of couching, that the answer is within us. Not always. Sometimes we need another person, and in the context of faith, sometimes the answer can only be found in God. I've put questions in the book that were asked by God at some point, and yet HE doesn't ask because He lacks information, but He asks because He respects the moment we are in and wants us to look for answers.

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o mnie

I want to encourage people to live better, to have deeper faith, to truly love

Once, many years ago, I read a book whose author asked the question: what would I like to be said about me at my funeral? I was very young and the exercise seemed a bit macabre, but I looked for the answer to this question. I would like, whether it be my loved ones, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, to say that I was ENOUGH.

For my two children, encouragement as a father, for my wife as a husband, for my co-workers as a colleague....

Because in what I do and who I am, I want to encourage people to a better life, to a deeper faith, to true love, authentic devotion, unconditional fidelity, true presence.

I spend my free time rather actively, I did Triathlon for many years and still try to take care of my fitness. On the other hand, in sailing I find peace, harmony and strength. One of my dreams is to cross the Atlantic.

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